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0771 from Keith Fullerton Whitman on Vimeo.

Looking forward to seeing Keith Fullerton Whitman in London this week.


This week has seen me bowled over by the debut release from Father; a tape of expansive and intricate drones, dense in texture and rich in movement, reminiscent of Sundog Peacehouse and Blanck Mass.

Sequenced songlike, in shortform, like last year’s Infinite Body LP, tones rise and fall like breathing, a mild sense of euphoria underpinning it all, buried deep among the barely-there choral sounds.

Return Of Father is released by Root Strata and available to purchase in the UK from Stashed Goods.

RETURN-OF-FATHER by Super_Receptor


Experimental ½ Hour - Episode XXI: Golden Retriever & The Cysts from Experimental ½ Hour on Vimeo.

Golden Retriever are Matt Carlson & Jonathan Sielaff, a modular synth and bass clarinet duo from Portland, Oregon.

Coming from a similar place musically to Super Receptor faves Grasshopper, the pair have been putting out short run cassettes & CDRs on labels like NNA Tapes and Gift Tapes since 2010 and will release their first vinyl LP on Root Strata later this year.


When you have a label with such a hectic release schedule as Digitalis it’s easy to get complacent about their high standard of output. So let this Charlatan LP bring it all back into sharp focus for you.

Triangles sits alongside Motion Sickness Of Time Travel's Seeping Through The Veil Of The Unconscious as the high water mark from the veritable flood that is their back catalogue. An album of the year, no doubt. Don’t sleep on this one.


Portland’s Daryl Groetsch is responsible for some of the finest ambient synth work I’ve heard in 2011.

Search his Spiritual Vistas LP and the impeccable Forest, Mountain, Valley tape. 

Forest by Pulse Emitter

Moonlit Valley by Pulse Emitter


Slow jams for our nonexistent summer from Austin’s Pure X…

Dry Ice by PURE X

Twisted Mirror by PURE X


Forgive the lack of updates. Life got in the way for a while.

Scope some staggering skronk from Stetson…

New History Warfare Vol. 2: Judges by Colin Stetson


Australia’s Jason Campbell runs the cassette label Eternal Solitude and records slow-blossoming synth drones as Stitched Vision.

For some deep enveloping listening check the out of print tapes Open Palms and Ocean Glow which are available for free download here and here.

(Click the title above to download)

June’s mixtape attempts to group together a recent strain of creeped out low-end music that exists in a place somewhere between industrial influenced techno, the weirder extremes of dubstep and the worlds of noise & drone.

The title is taken from this review.

  1. EmptysetPlane
  2. Andy Stott - Execution
  3. Old Apparatus - Untitled (Side A)
  4. Raime - Retread
  5. Scorn - Beaked Point
  6. Senking - Unlighted
  7. Demdike Stare - The Stars Are Moving
  8. Downliners Sekt - From Under Spinning Lights
  9. Chasing VoicesAcidbathory


Andy Stott’s Passed Me By is immersive, disorientating, heavy. An album of "knackered house", rooted in dub techno, that takes in the deepest of sub bass, short snatches of clipped vocals, pitched down soul samples and a liberal dose of noise and static.

Andy Stott - Passed Me By by modernlove